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HyperBaric Oxygen Chamber HardShell 36 inch Diameter 1.5 ATA

Hyperbaric Chamber Hardshell 1.5 ATA 36-inch

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36-inch Diameter 1.5 ATA Our hyperbaric hard chamber is by far the best available in this price range. We have no competition in the hyperbaric hard chamber space with this incredibly well-crafted system. Our system is unique in the industry of high-end hyperbarics as it does not require any special venting since the net room oxygen level does not change as the unit is operated. Our system is still categorized as mild hyperbaric oxygen at 1.5 ATA and is much safer to operate than the more expensive systems that require oxygen tanks. Oxygen Health System’s hyperbaric hard chambers are designed for safety, durability, comfort, and ease of entry and exit along with many more advanced features. This hyperbaric hard chamber system is designed for practitioners or home users who want a more advanced system that allows for higher pressurization in a hyperbaric therapy system and that also provides a simplified single-user operation. Just power it up, get inside, and hit the button to start therapeutic sessions. Clients of all shapes and sizes will love this system for its expansive roominess and the luxury it can provide in an environment of everyday and all-day usage.

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1) Apply for 6-month financing contact us for details.

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Our 36 36-inch hard chamber is a sure fit for all sizes with advanced features that provide 1.5 ATA or 52 KPA. Our proprietary Air/Oxygen system provides an all-in-one solution with comfort in mind.

Our large, 36” steel hyperbaric chamber is highly versatile and allows physicians to treat at up to 1.5 ATA (7 psi) pressure. The combination of our chamber and specially selected equipment allows breathing at up to 95% oxygen levels and internal oxygen levels at a safe level of 40% oxygen.

We continually strive to improve an already incredible product by adding new features such as our negative ionization system now integrated as a base feature. We have recently made available noiseless pressure relief valves that significantly reduce the sound produced by hyperbaric operations which can be as high as 68 dB.  We also, provide the option to integrate Air Conditioning systems for those who require this enjoyable amenity.

Our hardshell hyperbaric chamber mitigates a number of the negatives associated with their use in private practice. There is no need for costly installation, and our chamber itself is quite compact – perfect for practices already short on space. The chamber is simple to operate and has very low running costs, the only consumable being electricity.


We understand our customers. Medical equipment needs to work from day 1, which is why we include everything required to operate the chamber smoothly, ensuring a positive experience for both physician and patient.
– All-in-one machine (10 Liter/minute Oxygen generator and an air cooler).
– Easy-slide large polycarbonate cabin door for easy access. Activated by pressure, with automatic release upon de-pressurization.
– The automatic air pressure system, the door is sealed by pressure.
– Digital display and control systems allow the practitioner to monitor current interior Pressure, Air temperature, Humidity, and  Percent Oxygenation in the chamber all at one glance.
– Interior and exterior pressure gauges.
– The timer on digital control allows automatic programming of session time.
– Communications interphone
– Grounding Mat
– Finger oximeter
– Oxygen-breathing headset
– Expansion port allows for secondary oxygen machines to be connected or allows for future upgrades of other alternative devices if required taking your hyperbaric session to a new level of health.
– Negative ION UNIT to enhance treatment. Due to the addition of the negative ion device, our customers can experience the relaxing benefit of fresh air similar to being on a beach. This option would allow customers to receive pure oxygen-containing negative ions at high pressure. Promote the body’s self-renewal process; enhance the vitality of immune cells.


Now available we have the option to order an Air Conditioning system that extends the cooling comfort well beyond that of the air cooler. We are the only hyperbaric manufacturer to offer an air conditioning system for use with Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Systems.


We sell internationally and can provide our systems to your international voltage and plug type requirements.


Our HBOT chamber comes equipped with all of the essentials to ensure your sessions run smoothly. The interior is designed to be as comfortable as possible, with our large window positioned to minimize the effects of claustrophobia and keep the patient relaxed.


The inclusion of a dehumidifier (built into the all-in-one compressor) unit is a great addon that is free with this unit. However, In a confined space or where the room temperature is not adjustable to the optimal 68 degrees or lower, the treatment might become slightly uncomfortable for some patients. The optional inclusion of an air conditioning unit can be integrated and allows you to maintain a more constant temperature inside the chamber is available at an additional cost.  Please speak to our sales team if you have an interest in our full air conditioning system. 36-inch Diameter 1.5 ATA


The interior is padded and contains a soft mattress and pillow. The operation of the hyperbaric chamber can also be controlled from the inside, with basic controls and emergency alarms located within reach.


The standard treatment time of 60 – 90 minutes can have a positive impact. Our chamber comes with a dim interior light to allow patient relaxation, while still allowing them to read a book.


Our Hyperbaric Chamber is designed to be easily controlled and allows you to be in constant contact with the patient. The ease of operation requires very little training, and the sessions can easily be managed by staff. For maximum effect, each session generally lasts 60 – 90 minutes. Please speak to our sales team about our Doctor’s only specific Add-on features.


Our user-friendly control station is designed to ensure simple operation and management. The functional layout allows full management and oversight of the chamber, controls, and communications. Chamber features also allow one person to operate the chamber without assistance if required for home use.


The hyperbaric chambers are equipped with numerous safety features for peace of mind for both practitioner and patient. Whilst hyperbaric chamber use is considered very safe in the medical industry, there is always the risk of complications. We have invested heavily in measures to ensure patient safety, such as:36 inch Diameter 1.5 ATA

1. More gradual pressurization of the chamber; allowing for staff assessment and discomfort checks.
2. Emergency Alarm control for the patient to alert staff via interphone.
3. Emergency Pressure Relief Valve; reduces pressure in the case of an emergency.
4. Intercom phone system; for ease of communication with patients.
5. Easy Entry and Exit via our unique sliding door.
6. Interior controls all for single-user operation of all features without supervised assistance.
7. All our hard chambers have an interior grounding mat to mitigate any static charge that could occur during your session.
8. The system slowly depressurizes safely if power is lost. 
9. Internal Emergency door release button


There are no consumables required to operate the hyperbaric chamber, only the electricity to run the air compressor/oxygen concentrator/air cooler (single machine). Per per-hour cost for electricity is roughly 39 cents.36-inch Diameter 1.5 ATA.


We take pride in our product quality and all hyperbaric chambers come with our standard 36-month materials and workmanship warranty.


Length 88 inches
Exterior Diameter: 36 inches
Pressure: 1.5 ATA / 50 KPA
Weight 170 KG or 375 LBS.
Wheels Yes, allows for ease of movement around the Home/Office.
Interior Lighting: YES, controls from the interior.
Alarm System Yes
Timer: Allows incremental auto-controlled session time of up to 2 hours.
Communication System Yes, Intercom.
Material: 2mm thick 304 Grade Stainless Steel.
Window: 6mm thick Polycarbonate from Bayer Germany mounted on heavy steel rods with ball-bearing rollers.
Emergency pressure relief valve: Yes, Interior controlled.
Can be operated alone without supervised assistance: Yes, Interior controls to lock the door and start pressurization without assistance if required.
Certification: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485


Weight 60 KG
Power 1200 W
Voltage 110V
Size 58.24.56cm
Air Flow 70L/Min
Oxygen Flow 10L/Min
Dehumidifier: Integrated
Noise Level: 68 dB.
Size (77x46x72cm or 30x18x28”inch)


Optional Air Conditioning Systems:
Weight: 30kg or 66 Lbs
Size: 13L x 16H x 25W
Operating Current:3A
Power: 300W


They shrink under this pressure and can squeeze through constricted blood vessels, and inflamed tissue, cross the blood-brain barrier, and enter lymph nodes, cerebrospinal fluid, and the musculoskeletal system. Essentially, oxygen is delivered into all of our tissues, including areas where circulation is diminished, which is an extremely important component as oxygen is essential for the function and maintenance of every cell in our body, regardless of whether it’s an organ, muscle, or bone.

This is analogous to what you see in a can of soda as the CO2 particles are under pressure, and therefore decrease their sizes enough that they dissolve into the liquid. When you pop the can open, the pressure is released, the CO2 particles increase in size and you see the fizz. This is exactly what happens to your oxygen molecules as they decrease in size under pressure and dissolve into the blood plasma. This exponentially increases oxygen delivery through the body and makes it possible for oxygen to enter inflamed tissue or tissue that is starving for oxygen (hypoxic) to support optimal cellular activity. 

Oxygen is the final electron acceptor in the Electron Transport Chain, which is where all of the ATP is produced. This is known as aerobic respiration, or how our cells breathe. Oxygen is essential to life, but it is how it affects the function of every cell in the human body that makes it necessary for life. Without oxygen, we can’t make energy for our brain, organs, or any tissue. The more oxygen we can deliver to our tissues, the healthier, energetic, and mentally better we feel. It has a very high affinity for electrons (high electronegativity), making it a good electron acceptor and perfect in its role. In summary, Oxygen allows us to make ATP, which is the energy currency of our body, thereby required by all cellular processes to function and to support normal bodily and brain function, including organs, bones, joints, muscles, etc.

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