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36″D | 2 ATA | Hyperbaric Hard Shell Oxygen Chamber

This 36-inch 2.0 ATA hyperbaric hard chamber

Take you to the deepest dive at an equivalent of being 33 ft underwater, yet breathing high volume, high percentage oxygen. This would provide the deepest tissue penetration of oxygen and infuse oxygen into the blood plasma. Significant research has been done on the 2 ATA pressure. This is fast becoming our best-selling hard chamber due to the research. However, this system can be equipped with progressive controls allowing you to select one of 5 selectable individual pressures you wish to treat. At 2 ATA you will likely want to manage the interior comfort with our dual-action air conditioning system. Our system is unique in the industry of high-end hyperbaric as it does not require any special venting because the net room oxygen does not change as the unit is operated. Oxygen Health System’s hyperbaric hard chambers are designed for safety, durability, comfort, and ease of entry and exit along with many more advanced features. This hyperbaric hard chamber system is designed for practitioners or home users who want a more advanced system that allows for higher pressurization in a hyperbaric therapy system and that also provides a simplified single-user operation. Just power it up, get inside, and hit the button to start therapeutic sessions. Clients of all shapes and sizes will love this system for its expansive roominess and the luxury it can provide in an environment of everyday and all-day usage.


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OxyFlow Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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